Intermediate Level Requirements for Food Manufacture- Online Training

The Intermediate Level Requirements for Food Manufacture builds on the Basic Level Requirements and focuses on knowledge required by persons responsible for food safety in the food manufacturing sector, food safety educators, or those working in related positions.

For each lesson, choose the media formats and language that fits your needs.

Lesson 1: Management Responsibility

Lesson 2: Document Control

Lesson 3: Procedures

Lesson 4: Complaint Handling

Lesson 5: Control of Measuring and Monitoring Devices

Lesson 6: Product Analysis

Lesson 7: Supplier Qualification and Approval

Lesson 8: Supplier Performance Monitoring

Lesson 9: Training

Lesson 10: Facility Layout, Product Flow, and Equipment

Lesson 11: Facility and Equipment Maintenance

Lesson 12: Staff Facilities

Lesson 13: Waste Management

Lesson 14: Transport and Storage

Lesson 15: HACCP

  • Introduction and Preliminary Steps
  • Principle 1: Hazard Analysis
  • Principle 2: Identify Critical Control Points
  • Principle 3: Critical Limits
  • Principle 4: Monitoring Procedures
  • Principle 5: Corrective Actions
  • Principle 6: Verification Activities
  • Principle 7: Record-Keeping Activities

Lesson 16: Food Defense