Basic Level Requirements for Food Manufacture- Online Training

The Basic Level Requirements for Food Manufacture, as defined by a technical working group of the Global Food Safety Initiative, include many elements relating to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Good Hygiene Practices (GHPs) as defined in the Codex Alimentarius Commission’s “General Principles for Food Hygiene.”

Compliance with Basic Level requirements will build a foundation necessary for a company (and individuals within the company) to advance to the Intermediate Level requirements. The target audiences for this online training are managers in food manufacturing facilities who are principally responsible for compliance with food safety requirements and educators/trainers who work with these companies.

For each lesson, choose the media formats and language that fits your needs.

Lesson 1: Facilities and Environment

Lesson 2: Personal Hygiene

Lesson 3: Water Quality

Lesson 4: Pest Control

Lesson 5: Cleaning and Disinfection

Lesson 6: Specifications

Lesson 7: Product Contamination Control

Lesson 8: Control of Food Hazards- General and Specific

Lesson 9: Control of Food Hazards- Allergens

Lesson 10: Incident Management

Lesson 11: Corrective Action

Lesson 12: Control of Non-Conforming Product

Lesson 13: Traceability